Matrix Drilling Fluids Ltd.


Matrix Drilling Fluids Company based in Canada provides extensive drilling solution services. also, design and expertise in drilling fluids, waste management, solid control and supplying mud chemicals since 2004. Its Business is reported through three geographic areas. Canada, the Zagros plateau, and the Middle East.

From December 2020 Matrix Drilling Fluids Ltd. is entitled to several drilling fluids and waste management services in north Iraq with well-known clients. Throughout this period of time, Matrix has provided full drilling fluids, solid control, and waste management services for more than 30 wells.

Our business principles are based on the enhancement of drilling performance. We also aim for safety, minimizing drilling costs and pitting problems, and eliminating pollution and environmental hazards. We set high-performance standards and run our business using the highest levels of safety & service quality. In addition, we have the latest science and technology on the agenda to achieve exceptional values. Our expert engineering team with more than 30 years of experience in designing, testing, and analyzing any kind of WBM, OBM, and SBM.
Matrix Drilling Fluids has extensive experience with our various fluid systems and technologies to develop some fluid systems. The best solid control system possible to meet the challenges of drilling wells around the world.
Matrix is committed to providing superior services and technology in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly manner, and takes it seriously. As part of this commitment, we have invested in the following:

Health and Safety Program, SECOR certification obtained in April 2006;
Hydropro Software – Allowing for full well simulation, Planning, and monitoring;
Member of Complyworks, ISNetworld, SPE, and CADE.