The Matrix Advantage


Careful design of a Drilling Fluids Program can reduce the overall cost of a well. Matrix addresses drilling challenges to ensure our Clients have the best fluid system in place prior to drilling.

Mud systems include:

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based

Chemical Resin

Matrix offers a unique resin specialty product, Matrix ASAP™, as an alternative to cement for a number of applications including; surface casing vent leaks, casing thread leaks, perforations, kick off plugs, wellbore strengthening, water shut-off, and abandonment plugs.

  • Solids free formulation
  • High bonding strength to steel
  • Excellent strength and flexibility
  • Chemical resistant


Matrix is involved throughout the drilling process—from planning to abandonment. From initial well research, optimization, and planning we develop a drilling fluids program that will best serve the needs of our clients. Then, while the well is a being drilled we will provide active supervision, including daily monitoring of drilling parameters to ensure we are being proactive in making any necessary adjustments to the mud system. Once a well has been completed we prepare a full analysis of the drilling fluid system, including recommendations for future wells if required.

Complex abandonment situations at the end of the life cycle of a well can be addressed using Matrix ASAP™ Resin. Resin is an alternative to traditional cement and it’s solids free, allowing it to move into small microfractures, ideal for sealing off surface casing vent flows. In addition, resin has been used successfully in other wellbore applications such as water shut-off, casing leaks, casing thread leaks, packer leaks, and wellbore strengthening.

At Matrix we refer to ourselves as a service company, not a product supplier.
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