Taking care about environment is one of our main concerns. Therefore, Matrix Drilling Fluids Company is diligent to achieve this goal by preparing useful facility. Moreover in this regard, our company has the most experienced engineers in this field. Certainly we are always committed to eliminating all the adverse effects of oil and gas drilling sites from the environment by using the most cost-effective waste management techniques available.

Solid Control

One of the big concerns of any drilling company is damaging their tools and equipment due to the high drill solids and sand content. Therefore, investing on solid control can protect the pricey drilling equipment and increase the lifetime of any rotary tools, pumps and lines. Also our company by providing high quality screen shakers, High speed/high flow-rate centrifuges expert operators can control drill solids and sand content. Above all using Barite recovery system can avoid wasting weighting material and necessary solids and additives.

Waste Management Services

In addition Matrix Drilling fluid company is providing several necessary Waste Management Services and required equipment Such as:

Waste Management Hierarchy


What you use. If you can’t reduce it, then…


What you can. If you can’t reuse it, then…

Recycle & Compost

What you can. If you can’t recycle or compost it, then…

Release Energy

By burning it at an incineration plant. If anything remains.


Of it in landfill as the final option. then…